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About Danielle O'Kelly

I have experience with addiction and trauma and find the most helpful forms of therapy for children and adults is EMDR. This is a unique skill not all therapist have gained training on and I believe it alters emotional instability to emotional stability. EMDR can change your life and has proven to be a very effective approach that can provide internal healing from trauma, abuse, addiction, and anxiety. EMDR can also benefit people who desire to gain healthy coping skills for upcoming stressful situations like marriage, divorce, having a baby, changing a job, or taking that big exam!

I am eclectic in my counseling style and have been given feedback that my creative approaches and gentle style make the counseling experience enjoyable. Sometimes life can be too much for us to handle and we need to ease into the healing process. It helps to have someone who can be present with you and walk with you through some of the hardest times. I do come from a Biblical perspective and I incorporate it as much or as little as you want me to.

I also have experience leading divorce peer support groups for elementary school aged children. I believe middle school and high school students walking through their parent’s divorce also need support and find I’m very comfortable with families under these stressful times.

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