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Jill Bloemker

I have learned there is something powerful that takes place when you find a listening ear that is totally for you and in your corner. While no one wants to experience disappointment, depression, anxiety, loss of loved ones, or moments of defeat, the hardships of life are inevitable. Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we need someone to walk along beside us, to offer us hope and a helping hand. Just as this has been done for me, I want to walk along someone else and help them find hope amidst their trials. I love working with individuals, whether male of female, who have struggled with singleness, anxiety, depression, a lack of purpose, a lack of joy, job loss, relationship loss, and aging issues.

I believe each person has intrinsic worth, value, purpose, and identity. My faith inspires me to counsel with excellence, using evidence-based theories and techniques. Most importantly, I believe God has a powerful, life-giving, life-changing love that has the ability to transform and restore bro​ken hearts and relationships.

I want to hear your story. I want to help you rise ABOVE your circumstances and move BEYOND the struggles you are facing today.​

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