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About Kim Meredith 

The challenges of life can be overwhelming, with anxiety, depression, stress, anger, abuse, hurt relationships, wounds from childhood experiences…. The list of the harms that we experience can feel endless. Relationship stress, with family and couple conflict is common. To counter this, communication, listening skills, and conflict resolution can be learned in therapy. Disagreements can become invitations to step into someone else’s shoes to gain their perspective, and for them to step into yours. Understanding and caring can deepen.

The heart-changing gift of working through forgiveness and healing can lead to personal freedom. My approach is holistic, based on scientifically validated approaches that blend well with a Christ-centered worldview. My hope is to create a safe therapeutic alliance as I come alongside you on your journey to wholeness.

Together we can explore your story, and what is holding you back from being all that you hope to be, as we access your personal strengths, grow resilience, and work to develop coping skills to empower you to achieve your goals. I hope that you will reach out and allow me to join you in your healing process. Peace be with you on your journey!

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