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About Linde ​Ferrero

Ten years ago I would never have anticipated being a counselor or therapist nor being in a place where my own challenges and conflicts would give me wisdom to support others. I believe the best therapist have walked through the fire and can help you navigate the struggle because they too have experienced the heat. I offer Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Discipline Parenting, and in 2021 I finished the journey to be a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist which is a Trauma informed technique to help calm the nervous system.  

My professional and personal background also given me the tools to work with families in addiction. The stress and destruction within the disease of addiction is nearly impossible to image. Understanding the crisis, the emotional pulls, and the struggles to move in a healthy direction are places where I believe my professional experience can support you. Most of my work is done with the family, not necessarily the addict, but an incorporate family sessions as needed. 

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

How should I describe what I do in sessions? This was the question I asked myself after being trained in hypnotherapy. Even after all my schooling and my years in private practice in this community, I worried my new therapeutic technique would scare people away. I worried people would hear the word hypnotherapy and think of a mediocre magician versus an effective alternative treatment for trauma, panic disorders, anxiety, and much more.

Let me first tell you how I got interested in this technique. In 2016 I treated a client with a fear of driving. She did have a scary experience on the road, but she could not get past it. The event drastically altered her easy-going life as she was unable to drive. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we spent months targeting the fearful thoughts but with no success.

I then tried Exposure Therapy and joined her in the car, gradually exposing her to the fear. It was my mission to get her back behind the wheel so she could live her life again. Again, the symptoms would not budge.

With lots of prayers, educational research, and guidance from other local therapists, the client hesitantly decided to try Rapid Resolution Therapy, better know as hypnotherapy, with another therapist.

The radical changes I saw in the client after one session peaked my interest. Previously, my negative (and false) assumptions about hypnotherapy had blocked my ability to see what an effective modality it could be for many clinical issues. I had to know more about this intervention because my client was back to driving on the highway that week and said she was 100 percent over the fear. Her case was closed but my curiosity was opened.

I suggested this life-altering approach to a friend battling insomnia. I wasn’t sure this technique would be as effective with insomnia, so I was shocked when my friend called to say she was “sleeping like a baby” after seeing the therapist trained in hypnotherapy. Weeks later, she was still sleeping soundly.

Understanding what hypnotherapy is not may help you decide if you want to this technique, which calms the automatic nervous system:

You will not be asleep; you are alert throughout the session.

You are not out of control ever. You are in complete control and can stop anytime you want.

Your therapist will not make subconscious suggestions that could harm you.

You cannot get stuck in an unconscious state.

You do not become vulnerable to evil spirits. (I am a Christian, and I find it helpful for your faith to be a part of sessions.)

You will recall everything from the session. I even record the session for you to listen to after.

This is not a quick fix. Although it is very effective and can speed up desired results, many clients need two or three sessions before feeling a shift. 

I understand attending any form of therapy requires courage. We will meet and talk for nearly forty-five minutes before you get to lean back and relax. You can keep your eyes open (although it’s much harder to relax when you’re looking around), you can hide yourself behind a virtual reality headset (where you can view the ocean or woods), or you can close your eyes and just listen to my voice and music.

I had lots of questions and assumptions before I became trained in hypnotherapy. Before you assume incorrectly, like I did, let’s talk so I can put your mind at ease.


Adult client with the desire to stop smoking.

Earlier this year I had a hypnotherapy session with Ms. Ferrero to try to quit smoking. I’ve smoked off and on since I was a teen and picked it back up quite heavily during the pandemic. I was worried about weight gain after quitting as well. The process was very comforting, yet professional. We had a brief interview to discuss my concerns/habits, followed by a relaxation exercise and then began the hypnosis. I really enjoyed the use of a virtual reality device that helps you feel less vulnerable. When we were done, I felt drained but renewed! That was three months ago and I haven’t touched any form of nicotine since and have lost eleven pounds. Truly amazing! Ms. Ferrero even contacts me from time to time to check my progress. You won’t regret using her hypnotherapy services for a big life change. I’m so grateful I did.

Thank you,


Adult client struggling with self doubt due to a critical parent from childhood.

So, I just wanted to share this with you, in case anyone wants to know. The last session was very helpful and actually helped bring my favorite scripture a more realistic application.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, fill your minds with beauty and truth. Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy.” - Philippians 4:8

Meditating on the truth has made it sit at the front of my mind. And every time a situation has occurred over the past 2 weeks, which has been several, my first thought is that my value and worth is not determined by that person or situation. I have had a few times I could have been very stressed and felt worthless, but I haven't. The truth you helped me meditate on is currently at the front of my mind. 

So, now this scripture means even more. Lol. 

E. H. 

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