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About Morgan Kraut

“You have to first get on the lifeboat before reaching out to save your loved ones from drowning.” 

-Dr. Ferrante Frazier

I had a mentor once who told me, "You have to first get on the lifeboat before reaching out to save others from drowning.” I realized in that moment that I can use the unique challenges that I survived and overcame to help others, but I first had to help myself. My life experiences have led me to become a counselor, and now that I am on the “lifeboat,” I want to reach out and help others climb aboard.

I work with individual tweens, teens, young adults, and women. I utilize a combination of exposure response prevention, cognitive processing, narrative, cognitive behavioral, radically open dialectical behavior, and internal family systems (parts) therapies in my approach to counseling. I am aware of the uniqueness of all clients and work to adapt my approach to each individual client’s needs. My approach to counseling is always strength-based, and I respect individuals from all backgrounds.

I see clients for a variety of reasons including anxiety, depression, trauma, self-injury, applying healthy boundaries, co-dependency, life transitions, relationship issues, conflict resolution, and ambivalence to name some of them. I like to use the analogy that my clients are in the driver’s seat, and I am in the passenger seat with directions. I can help my clients navigate through their struggles and teach them valuable coping skills to apply in their lives, and my clients ultimately hold the power to change.

Whether you are treading water, on the lifeboat, or driving to your next destination, you don’t have to make the journey alone. Let’s make that journey together.


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