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About Olivia Cantrell


Time and time again, I have found my passion is in helping others. After college, I worked at several nonprofits, working with teens, single moms, and children. I continuously found myself drawn to the one-on-one relationship with a client. Through much prayer and deliberation, I chose to pursue the path to becoming a counselor.

As someone who has been in counseling before, I know there is so much beauty in self-discovery and healing. My hope is to join alongside you to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. Whether that is working through anxiety or depression or simply talking through a difficult life transition, my approach is client-focused and client-led. I recognize each client is unique, and, therefore, needs to be approached as such. My priority is to remain open and curious, as I learn each client and his or her needs.

I look forward to collaborating with you!


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