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About Sandi Harding

Life has many challenges; some we create ourselves and others that seem to be thrust upon us! You may be feeing ill-equipped to handle them and overwhelmed; or alone and feeling that no one understands. Perhaps you have tried to ignore your circumstances and pain and hoped it would just go away. Unresolved issues can re- surface at another time, in another way!

I know this from professional and personal experiences! Having been through a divorce I did not want; raising 3 children as a single parent; transitioning to an empty-nest; transferring to a new state and starting over again; leaving one career and beginning another; providing care for both my parents through to their deaths. All major life transitions! Some were my choice, most were not!

I have witnessed and experienced God’s promise to draw near and “bind up the brokenhearted”. When we are at our weakest, God restores our strength. He gives us hope and walks with us step by step.   

In pastoral counseling I model this by providing a safe environment, listening, discerning and helping you get past the “why”. It is my passion to be walking alongside you through the process of restoring health and wholeness.

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